September 10, 2018


Butterfly Drinks Crocodile Tears

From victim to Queen’s Award winner, launches book to help others pursue a better future.

A poetry book with purpose!  Naz Knight repurposed her trauma writing this anthology inspiring self-improvement and motivation in the reader.  “Butterfly Drinks Crocodile Tears” is a poetry, prose and art book published by NINE RED Presents…(CIC).     Buy The Book

Naz says “I never chose to write; words chose me to be their writer”.  As a result, this powerful collection of poems, prose and artwork, testifies to her unique relationship with words. The anthology challenges preconceptions about women labelled as “victims”.  Also Naz refuses to be defined by this experience.   Therefore, Naz invites you to view her world as she tries to become all she wants to become; as she pursues a changeless sense of who she is; where she has come from and seeks to reach the place she wants to go.

Darkness Makes Sense in the Light

In addition, Naz is launching her autobiographical novel “Darkness Makes Sense in the Light”.  This is the story behind the poetry featured in “Butterfly Drinks Crocodile Tears”.  Rather than a survivor’s story and more journey of self-discovery; Naz encourages the reader to travel with her, almost as if they are a silent companion, walking with her on their own personal journey of self-discovery.

This seems like, a natural progression for both her and the social enterprise she started in 2001.  Her social enterprise became incorporated as NINE RED Presents…(CIC) is a volunteer led, non-profit organisation that, responds to the needs of their local community.  Resulting in social change and actioning a positive social impact on the lives of socially disadvantaged groups.  Due to her personal experiences, Naz work specifically with; individuals effected by domestic/sexual abuse, in addition to individuals affected by mild to moderate mental health conditions and cultural deprivation (BME groups).


As a result, in June 2016, NINE RED Presents…(CIC) received the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service (QAVS) 2016, for providing: “Holistic support for survivors of all forms of abuse and enhancing the lives of socially disadvantaged groups.”  NRP runs community projects providing skill attainment, education, artistic pursuits and counselling; consequently, increasing participation in the arts, education and well-being.  That are based around the company’s ethos “That each individual in society, irrespective of race, ethnic origin, gender, marital or parental status, sexual orientation, creed, disability, age, religion or political belief has the right to be and to achieve all they want in their lives.”

in addition, NRP’s arts therapy programme has a carnival troupe that participates in Luton International Carnival annually; if you would like to join them or if you would like more information on NRP’s products and services please contact Debra on 07881705719 or email or visit their website

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