Here Today… Here Forever – how we thrived as a Social Enterprise



Central to NRP’s objectives is to place the clients and beneficiaries at the centre of what we do.  Also to ensure the continued delivery of safe quality client focused services to people when they need us.  We have delivered many successful projects during the years  and clients and beneficiaries surveys continue to demonstrate high levels of satisfaction from the users of our services. Indeed, during the years, NRP have won many awards for the services they provide in the community.

The skills and commitment of volunteer staff are fundamental in achieving our desire to provide quality services and our thanks go to all staff who have worked with us during the years. This commitment is especially demonstrated during March to November which, alongside running our projects; is also our touring season, as such, this is our most resource intensive time.  It is reassuring that the planning work we undertook for such events has proved successful; leading to our new theatre arts project “A Life Interrupted”.

Recognising the importance of the contributions made by our volunteer staff and the needs of our beneficiaries and community, we initiated peer support for our volunteers, group support for our clients and community feedback sessions.  This gives all individuals involved in our organisation the opportunity to share their thoughts and suggest improvements we could make.

This has enabled us to expand our services which has led to an increase in the number of clients and beneficiaries we serve.  As such we intend to move into our own premises which will serve as a community hub for our local community.

In line with many organisations the achievement of the financial duties is a major challenge and our thanks go to our funders and sponsors: – The Steel Charitable Trust, The BIG Lottery, The Arts Council England,  The Bedfordshire and Luton’s Community Foundation London  Luton Airport Fund,  Tesco Stores PLC, Booker, Nisa, HSS Hire, ‘Your Say Your Way’, PRS for Music, and all the volunteers who were actively engaged in maximising productivity and reducing waste to allow us to generate our required annual turnover

In the last six months of the year we worked in partnership with a number of community services providers, which we intend to integrate into our new premises.  Our work to date will form the bedrock for future service provision which will enable us to generate greater income from our commercial services as well as ensuring we have quality services and well trained staff.  This will allow us to bid for contracts to provide services.

We hope you find this information useful, for more information on NRP please visit our dedicated websites  (corporate services) and (community services)


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