Luton Celebrates… 2018


Be part of the Event and Celebrate Luton.


To celebrate the positive aspects of Luton and Luton Carnival.  Funded by the Big Lottery Celebrate Grant, #BigCelebration Bedfordshire and Luton Community Foundation London Luton Airport Ltd. Fund.  Luton Celebrates… will bring the community together to create an exhibition and documentary to celebrate Luton’s place in the history of manufacturing, industry and carnival heritage from the Hat Parades and Victorian markets to todays modern international carnival and thriving town.

NINE RED Presents will launch the project in March 2017 and want to involve the local community in the planning and creation of the exhibition and documentary.  Most of all, we want to celebrate all that is positive about Luton.  As such we intend to  bring the community together.  So that they may tell and share stories and memories that will be recorded as images, prose, audio or film; to create an exhibition  and a documentary.

The exhibition will be launched at a street party on in the summer, and will feature a documentary containing interviews and footage from local residents about Luton throughout the years.  Luton Celebrates… will then tour Luton town and be available to view online.

Luton Celebrates..

Luton Celebrates… takes us back to the beginning from the small hamlet in 4AD to the “Royal Manor of the King; from the straw hat making industry to Charter Day; and the first carnival to celebrate Luton’s 100th Charter Day.  It celebrates the 40 years of carnival that has brought our communities together, highlighting the positive effects of community cohesion; but also focuses on our town; its history, industries and diverse carnival traditions.

Arts serve as an essential bridge across language, cultural and age differences.  Our cultural and arts exhibition is the shared link, the glue that shapes our understanding of how we see ourselves and each other.  This project provides both participants and the audience the freedom to create, integrate and to celebrate our town and our community.

Luton Celebrates… allows the diverse sections of our community to come together to celebrates all that is amazing about Luton.

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